Opportunity to be part of a new TV series 

This is a 4 tier promotional opportunity:

1. The opportunity for companies to take commercial positions and ‘brought to you bys’ (with a call to action possible) within every episode of Dining Downunder. There are 13 episodes which will broadcast from February 2007 and repeat for 4 plays, all at attractive times to maximize view numbers.

2. Our new adventure/travel/cooking show we call the Upside Down Kitchen is being filmed in March/April for release in the third quarter of 2007. This show also has the opportunity for companies to take commercial positions and ‘brought to you bys’ within episodes. However, as well as this, there is the opportunity for product placement either in the series or as a full themed feature in a whole episode.

3. On-line promotions with your promotional videos on referred webcasts eg YouTube and also on our show’s website – this could become an effective viral marketing campaign. Additionally, we will be working the integration of beverages, food and other products with recipes, cooking, travel and lifestyle ideas.

4. Off-air promotions via competitions to drive audiences to the shows; participation in consumer shows; trade shows (NRA, Fancy Foods etc); restaurant Australian cuisine promotions etc; a cookbook with partner company branding inclusions; product endorsements and associated marketing in print and POS advertising. There are also opportunities to have your brand promoted via our network of websites which reach over 150,000 people each month and growing.

Kind Regards Rebecca Beuth Executive Assistant to Vic Cherikoff & Benjamin Christie Cherikoff Rare Spices & Dining Downunder Promotions +61 406 751 163