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Thumbs up for finger limes

Issue 06, Volume 12, Thursday, 9 February 2006

John and Robyn Musgrave from Dunoon, members of the newly formed Australian Finger Lime Growers Association, which has received government funding to promote the local rainforest native to overseas markets. Finger lime growers John and Robyn Musgrave have known these little green citrus fruits are a national treasure for over a decade, and finally the rest of the world is catching on. The Dunoon farmers and finger lime pioneers have joined forces with other growers of this unique rainforest remnant to form the Australian Finger Lime Growers Association so they can collectively seek help to promote this boutique product. 

The venture has already been given the thumbs up by the NSW Government, who recently provided export development funding so the group can market their product across the globe. 

The gourmet potential of the fruit, which bursts with tangy lime-flavoured beads, has caught the attention of many top chefs, and the association has formed an alliance with a seafood exporter and an Australian native foods chef to export the fruits to restaurants in Dubai and Singapore. They are also hoping to export to Europe and other parts of Asia in the future. The funding will be used to produce packaging specifically for export markets and to develop a promotional recipe book. 

" The new packaging will make the fruit really attractive to overseas buyers," said the Musgraves, whose 10-year-old trees are some of the most mature in the region. "This property has always been in the one family and parts of it have never been cleared -  all our trees were budded from one outstanding specimen we found in the bush. We are now experimenting with shade cloth and wind breaks to create the best environment for them."


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