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Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre

Desert Fire Symposium

Wednesday 1 November 2006 

NRETA Conference Room


Alice Springs

0830 - 1630

The Desert Knowledge CRC Desert Fire Symposium will provide a final summary of the many aspects of the Desert Fire project. It will be a one day event, scheduled to coincide with the 2006 Desert Knowledge Symposium and Business Showcase. The aim of the Desert Fire Symposium is to showcase the results of Desert Fire and provide a basis for future Desert Knowledge CRC projects to build on our efforts.

The Symposium will be an open event, without registration or cost. However, for catering purposes or in case a larger venue is required, it would be appreciated if attendees could register their interest with the Alice Springs office of Bushfires NT (08-8952-3066, or by email to, by 27 October 2006.

The preliminary program is listed below. The intention is to provide presenters with sufficient opportunity to present a detailed summary of the results and outcomes of their work. Each presentation will be allocated 30 minutes, to provide a 20 minute presentation, followed by 10 minutes for questions. The final program, with allocated times, will be available at a later date.

Preliminary Program

Welcome, Introduction and Overview of Desert Fire

Glenn Edwards

Biodiversity Conservation, NRETA, Alice Springs

DF-1                Continental perspectives of fire in desert Australia

Dorothy Turner, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide

DF-3aFire in the southern Tanami Desert: Overview of Fire Regimes, and Pastoral Perspectives on Fire

Grant Allan

Bushfires NT, NRETA, Alice Springs

DF-3a  Aboriginal burning issues in the southern Tanami: an overview of Aboriginal practices and perspectives concerning fire.

Petronella Vaarzon-Morel, Kasia Gabrys and Richard Tuckwell

Central Land Council and Biodiversity Conservation, NRETA, Alice Springs

DF-3a  Community engagement process

Kirsten Maclean

PhD Candidate, Australian National University

DF-3b Economic costs of fires on pastoral lands: 2000-2002

Andrea Tschiner and Grant Allan

Centralian Land Management Association, Alice Springs and Bushfires NT, NRETA, Alice Springs

DF-3cFire management on conservation lands, and a spinifex recovery model

Angus Duguid, Chris Brock, and Luke Preece

Biodiversity Conservation, NRETA, Alice Springs

Fire studies in spinifex dunefields in the Haasts Bluff Aboriginal Land Trust

Boyd Wright

PhD Candidate, University of New England  

DF-3d   Medium and long term dynamics of Acacia aneura  Triodia boundaries at Mt Dension Station in the southern Tanami Desert, central Australia

Guy Boggs and David Bowman

Charles Darwin University

DF-3dCharacteristics and dynamics of the mulga/spinifex boundaries at Mt Denison Station in the southern Tanami Desert, Central Australia

Anstee Nicholas

MSc. Candidate, CharlesDarwinUniversity

DF-3e A review of fire and birds with some preliminary results from the central Australian mulga bird community

Adam Leavesley

PhD Candidate, Australian National University

DF-3f / Bushfire CRC 2.1 Modelling fire regimes in the West MacDonnell Ranges, central Australia

Karen King

Bushfire CRC and Australian National University

DF-3gPost-fire recruitment dynamics in mulga communities

Grant Allan, Chris Materne, Coral Allan, and Doug Wilson

Bushfires NT, NRETA, Alice Springs and Pastoral Division, Primary Industries, Fisheries and Mines, Alice Springs


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